Berge Bulk Offset Project

Efficient Stoves For Kenya Project

Project Impact

This project provides fuel-efficient cookstoves, reducing household emissions by heating faster, burning for shorter time, and requiring less fuel to operate than traditional wood-fire cookstoves. To date, this project has resulted in the preservation of over 157,000 trees which would otherwise have been chopped down for firewood. Beyond the environmental benefits, the project also delivers improved quality of life for women in the local community in various ways: reduced household emissions improves indoor air quality and therefore reducing negative health impacts; women spend less time collecting firewood, which can be devoted to other income-generating activities; and through its direct sales network, Paradigm has created full-time employment opportunities for dozens of local women.

Project Details

Standard: Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)
Location: Republic of Kenya
Type: Energy Efficiency & Sustainability
Supporting SDGs: 1 (Poverty reduction)
5 (Gender equality)
8 (Decent work and economic growth)
13 (Climate Action)
15 (Life on Land)
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